Why Meteor Js Platform Should Scare Any Technology Company!

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How much money do you think has been spent building Tinder?

How much time do you think it has taken Tinder to built their app?

How many lines of code do you think were in version 1, let alone in the version that’s live today?

I am sure by now the bill is into the millions however what is scary is that a clone can be created with 150 lines of code when you use the Meteor framework.

Yes you are reading that right 150 line not 15,000 or 150,000 just 150!

A clone of Tinder can be created in 150 lines of code

What is even more interesting for those that want a Tinder style interface there are FREE lessons on how to create your own Tinder style inference with Meteor here https://medium.com/@SamCorcos/meteor-react-ionic-mobile-app-part-6-tinder-transitions-72814b5b419a. So if this is something that excites you check out the detailed step by step guide. (This lesson is not but but well worth reading if you want to know how)

But if you are saying great but what does this mean for me? 

This means that due to the advancements in Javascript software platforms like Meteor you can do more with less with app development and software dev than ever before.

We are finding that on most projects One MeteorNerd can handle the tasks of 3 developers in comparison to when we used other platforms. We are not losing time on projects and actually gaining time. Meteor is allowing us to create truly intelligent and interactive apps like never before.

Let me put this into context for you:

  1. We have created MVP’s in 21 days. That means from IDEA to finished MVP code in 3 weeks!
  2. We have launched saleable products in 30 days! Correct started with idea and built it to be selling within 30 days including the front end site, server and great functionality.
  3. We have launched advanced CRM’s in 90 days! Talk about a massive project any type of Customer Relationship Management is like eating an elephant with chopsticks. 

So if you are looking to launch your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) you should really assess Meteor as the platform to allow you to do this. It will allow you to create and test your MVP while also giving you the base foundation of your platform to continue development when you are ready.

There is nothing worse than having to throw away your MVP code base because you are moving to a better or the real platform. What a waste of time, energy and momentum. What is most important in your startup is momentum.

What does this say about Meteor Platform?

This Tinder Clone example showcases several factors about meteor and why you would want to use it as the platform of choice for your startup, but let me expand on some of these items in more detail.

  1. 150 lines of code to create more than an MVP. Not just the MVP but the working foundation of your swipe controls is impressive. So this means the speed at which you can develop is scary fast. It does require you to think outside the box, but this results in amazing solutions. I know from our own experience how have been able to create MVP’s and even complete sale-able products in less than 30 days always amazes our team of MeteorNerds.
  2. You need developers skilled in Javascript and from this foundation they can adapt Meteor platform quickly. This means that it is easy to find developers along with onboard new developers when you need to expand your talent pool. Plus there are many resources available for developers. Yes some resources are free and others are paid but the resources available and the community available to help you fast track your knowledge is nothing short of amazing.
  3. Mobile Compatibility and ability to publish “Native Like” apps for IOS, Android and Windows devices. Regardless of your tech venture at some point you will need to assess how you are going to leverage Mobile Apps. This alone can cause you many sleepless nights do you the tech burden and support burden this will place on your team. However now with Meteor + Cordova and the other Meteor + integrations this does not need to be the case anymore. So this will allow you to sleep peacefully again which is every entrepreneur’s dream.

Lets Talk Mobile Apps for a Minute…

I will try not to make this a rant about the challenge of mobile app development  but hit some of the key points you should assess before you write a line of code. Hindsight is 20/20 and these are some of the things I wish someone told me before we started building mobile apps.

Platforms like Meteor are close to 100% mobile compatible. This allows for easy integration of packages for full mobile apps with 1 developer who can publish quality apps to IOS and Android in hours and not days or weeks. Anyone who has published apps to IOS and Android understands that this is a minefield of issues. From compatibility to different code variations for the different devices. What Meteor allows is you to use ONE code base to control everything. This is the “holy grail” of software development, one code base for to control all your software.

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying using Meteor + Cordova is a perfect solution right now for mobile app publishing but you know what, it is certainly better than a lot of the other alternatives out there. There is even the benefits of the hot pushes to Apple Itunes without having to submit another update approval to Apple. When you are developing software be it desktop or mobile speed matters. And I would rather have speed at times than 100% perfect.

There is nothing like scaring your competitors by pushing a new feature before they do, and yes sometimes you need to push updates and fixes but that has now become ok and part of life. But what Meteor allows you to do with mobile apps is to publish these updates without approval via the Javascript updates. So check this out, I know in the past we have lost a great deal of revenue and opportunity from apps due to having to wait for Apple to approve and update, or they had questions about an update which caused even further delay. If we were using Meteor + Cordova we would have been able to push the updates without the Apple approvals. This means we can push core updated to Apple to improve and continue to push and update the dates using the Javascript push instead.

Some people complain about “Non Native apps”. Well I now think that this statement is CRAP! That’s right I am taking a position on this one and consumers can no longer tell the difference between a Cordova apps and native app functionality. The speed issue is no longer an issue with the advancements platforms. But also the fact that functionality of these Cordova or other cross platform apps rival the full functionality of native apps without the headache of maintenance is a big deal. But I will save this debate for another post. 

Why “Faux Web Apps” are Stupid and Are not helping your business!

One last point about these Crappy Web Apps Builders or what they call “Faux App” these apps are stupid. This is what many consultants sell to business owners who promise that their customers are searching the App stores for their business. mmm I call B.S on that one.  These apps have limited to no functionality at all. They provide users with a feed from your website and are providing no more than a mobile website to users. At best they may have a loyalty program but that is it. Usually this program is not integrated to the ecommerce or website version, nor is it connected to the stores Point of Sale (POS) so it really becomes limited.

These are the types of apps that consumers install once and NEVER LOAD AGAIN! So what is the point. If your users are not going to load your app again what are you been building your app for. You need to ask what would really help my users and make them want to use my app rather than the 50 other apps. This is the line of questions that result in you creating someone powerful for you business and to engage your customers which results in increased sales. These “Faux App” are never intended to create engagement let alone any peer to peer social interaction.

Time or Embrace the Change!

I have been sharing Meteor with hundreds of developers from around the world and with enterprise level CTO’s and the response is hesitant at first and then they start to play with it and really assess it. Then it happens… they have other developers on their team start to breathe a deep breathe and you start to hear these words “WOW” or “Damn”.  This results in a big glass of koolaid being consumed and their eyes opening to the possibility of those projects that they want to complete but aren’t priority getting knocked out this calendar year.

You might see a T-shirt created soon that says “I Converted” because this is what happens. Regardless of the developer from Ruby, Python, PHP and those beyond the grave it is happening.

What excites me most about what platforms like Meteor make possible for companies is momentum. This means forward momentum for these companies and that is honestly what technology platforms are meant to provide. Rather than this circle or sideways dances that seem to happen when you start dealing with technology projects.

So if you are ready to truly start seeing the what’s possible and clearing your plate of those projects or app ideas piled up on your desk. Check out Meteor.com or speak to one of our MeteorNerds.com and we will be happy to assess your project and show you whats possible.