Top Tools for Meteor Developers

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Every developer needs to their tool chest and Meteor JS is no different.

One of the nice things about meteor is that the developer community is coming together to create an amazing set of tools that helps developers of any skill level. From beginner to pro there are some tools here that will help you get the job done.

Make sure you post your comments below if you have any other tools or recommendations. 

IDE Tools

Sublime Text 3

This is a repository with a package for the Sublime Text 3 editor. By running a customized version of Tern.js, this package provides an autocompletion option for developing Meteor applications in JavaScript.



JetBrains by Webstorm

WebStorm integrates with Meteor to provide automatic recognition of Meteor projects, automatic library attachment, syntax highlighting, code completion, resolving references and other coding assistance, running and debugging of server/client apps.



Atom ecosystem has several packages to assist Meteor development. The Meteor API provides grammar/syntax highlighting, code snippets, and autocomplete. Launching/killing of Meteor within Atom can be done through Meteor Helper.


Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a popular cloud based IDE. It has a Meteor workspace where a Meteor project can be set up without having to configure anything i.e. just two clicks to build the next awesome app.



Testing Tools




The reactive test-runner for Meteor. Velocity is a community as well as a testing framework that allows for common testing components to be shared across different testing frameworks. The packages include: Mocha, Jasmine, Cucumber, Casper, and Robot.




“Meteor Kitchen” is a code generator for Meteor.js. Just describe your application in a simple JSON file (or use kitchen-GUI) and let meteor-kitchen build a complete Meteor application for you with all of the following:

  • Directory structure
  • Router and route controllers
  • Collections (pubs & subs)
  • Layout
  • Pages (with content)
  • Menus
  • Forms (with validations)
  • DataViews (components you can use to show data from collections with search & sort functions)

And more: in addition to built-in components you can write your own plugins in javascript and expand the generator to infinity!




Meteor Toys were designed to respect your development environment.

1) debugOnly
Meteor Toys are a ‘debugOnly’ package. ‘debugOnly’ packages do not compile into production code.

2) Quiet
With the exception of a few Session variables that are set on start-up, no process runs until you activate it.

3) Namespaced
Every CSS class, method, and exported JavaScript variable begins with either Mongol, JetSetter, or MeteorToys.



Learn Meteor – The JavaScript app platform offers almost everything for a pure JavaScript development, and create apps that are delighting and faster than ever. There are more and more plugins aka packages showing up everyday on along with Github and some of the other repos online. So it is always worth doing a google search to see what tools or code examples you can find first.

Are you also A Meteor geek? Or just a newbie developer and yet have anything to add to this list? Feel free to post your thoughts in comments section below. The list of tools for any Meteor developer is always changes and we will be updating this list from time to time.